Vermicomposting for Kids and Adults: a 2-book review!

Worms Eat my Garbage, by Mary Appelhof, is a lovely book…..if you don’t mind reading about worms.

Which I don’t.

Worms are nature’s efficient composter, lowly and despised by some, yet ultimately – necessary for our very survival! Truly!

The book shows simply how to set up an maintain a worm composting system, also known as ‘vermicomposting’, with simple, inexpensive ‘equipment’, and a little know-how. Worm bins can be keep indoors or outdoors, and can help you to have a productive and healthy garden. Worm castings are one of the best fertilizers known to us, all thanks to Red Wigglers!

While I’ve shared with my husband and family my desire to give vermicomposting a try, I also remain on the look-out for books that can communicate how cool this idea is to my kids (you’d think 4 boys who like to play in the dirt would naturally take to this idea? I guess they like arachnids better…). One such book we recently read was “Class Worms”, with pictures by Barry Gott. A classroom teacher brings red wigglers to class and the class performs various experiments to learn more about worms. Not all the class is thrilled about having to handle worms, but all gain an appreciation for the lowly wiggling creatures by the end of the day.