Lost: Fat

“Just the fats, Ma’am.”


“Fun with our favorite fats”

…Those were some of the rejected titles of this first post in a succession of fatty posts. But, in keeping with my original thoughts with this blog – to reconsider knowledge lost to us, to discover and find new food sources, and to keep it local – I decided to make sure you would be intrigued enough to read more.

Do I still have you? Maybe this picture will help.

Here we have, from L to R:  Natural expeller-pressed grapeseed oil, real butter, olive oil, beef tallow, chicken fat (or schmaltz) and pork lard. The last three I “made” myself, with a liiiiittle help from animals of  course. Local, organically and humanely raised animals, I might add. These are the current fats in my kitchen, and I use them for baking, sauteeing, putting on toast, and to grease the odd muffin tin.

Are you afraid of fats? I hope that by reading my “Lost” posts on the subject you’ll lose a little fear, and get into using real fat. Its way healthier for you. Seriously.

Look for the first installment next week on Monday.

In the meantime, consider your current relationship with fat. Do you fear it, or embrace it – in your cooking?