Guest Post: Review of Kitchen Chinese by Ann Mah

Hop on over to Cold Read, a where sister-brother team Suzanne Dobbins and Craig Maas review all their recent reads! Suzanne is a serious(ly fast!) reader – and is a great reviewer. Enjoy her post on the book Kitchen Chinese, by Ann Mah.

After your read the review, answer the question in the comments section:

What is your favorite way to cook outside your own culture,or, what would you like to learn more about? Cooking non-American foods usually means you’re eating more fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and getting a balanced meal.

We like to have tacos and some Tex-Mex specialities around here, but we’ve also been trying to make a few Bohemian items. Yes, my ancestry is from a country that doesn’t really exist anymore on the map, but with a rich dietary heritage! More to come on that. But for now, please share: I’d love to hear what you’re cooking up!

Thanks, Suzanne, for hosting this posting!