Book Review: Container Gardening for Health, by Barbara Barker

Have you heard of the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean 15’ lists? They highlight the 12 fruits and veggies that are tested, and have the most pesticide residue on them. In contrast, the ‘Clean 15’ have the least amount (which is not to say no residue, necessarily…).

I found the book ‘Container Gardening for Health: the 12 most important Fruits and Vegetables for your Organic Garden’ to naturally segue from my interest in the above lists, and give me a ‘go-to’ guide for how to make it happen – right in my backyard.

As you’ve read, I’m building a garden from the ground up, and early on in my new journey had checked out this short book from the library. It reinstilled in me the idea that container gardening is not ‘giving up’, but instead is a realistic way that I can still have a garden, while I’m taking time to plan my permanent garden. For all those who are well into container gardening and consider the ‘giving up’ comment mean, consider me slapped for my effrontery. I stand corrected, and container-happy.

Thanks, Barbara Barker, for a great book! It combines practical knowledge, varieties for various climates, and cultivation and harvesting tips. Complete yet concise.