Friday Flood Update…

How interesting or coincidental that I have just finished reading the ‘Little House’ series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Though I truly enjoyed all the books, “The Long Winter” particularly struck me, with its grisly description of how the homesteading Ingalls family, located in town (but with such severe blizzards and winds, they might have been in the middle of no where), felt the beginnings of cabin-fever craziness set in as the winds howled and howled around them, from the end of October to the end of May…

This winter, for us, has been long, and made longer by a recent blizzard, and two days later, another dusting of heavy wet snow.

Historical crests. Graphic from Fargo Forum,

If you’re not a local, but a CNN watcher, you *may* recall the epic flood Fargo faced in 2009. We’re up for another one, and though we learned enough over the last couple of years to be prepared, floods always come with worry. Mother Nature, and water, can be destructive. Not to be mean, but to be true to what ‘they’ are…

So, for the next couple weeks, I’ll give a little update on how things are going. You can click here to read a current article from our local paper about the flood potential, and also note that the second article in the series refers to, “The Long Winter”! I was like, “Bingo! I should work for the paper!”

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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