New Year’s Resolutions – Or….Not…

Close-up of Icicles

I don’t get too excited about New Year’s Resolutions. Here in the frozen Midwestern tundra, it iss cold, sunshine is almost at its lowest point, we’re not as active outside, — all this adds up for no desire, and no follow-through-ability with new goals, especially challenging ones like, “Eat Less.” (That is counter-intuitive to winter. Just sayin’.)

But some aspects of turning a new calendar page do get through to me, if only for me to hone in on my thought process and answer the question for myself,  “What do I want Winter to be?”

Winter, for me, is typically a time to do much reading, thinking about next year’s garden, doing some household organizing, and getting more sleep. Because all of the above makes me sleepy, too. It is a calm part of the year, a resting up before spring bursts forth.

The time of spring always brings with it newness and change, and this year will be no exception. In my own little family, in my own little urban landscape, in my own little corner, there will be some big changes afoot as well. So, this winter, I’m especially committed to the calm and restorative winter that I’ve enjoyed (last winter wasn’t quite the same as previous winters, as I began my home-based business with Wildtree Herbs Inc.).

I look forward to sharing with you what I’m reading, taking you through a few organization projects going on, and sharing with you some garden plans. But, just want you to also know that my posting schedule will be more limited, again, to harness the calm. I do love to chronicle what I’m doing, but – you know what? – in winter, the energy is just lower. Its different. I don’t have the ‘drive to blog’ as I do in the spring and summer. So, I thank you for continuing to follow along, and I enjoy you comments, and reading your blogs as well.

Enjoy the calm, and the quiet. Rest up, and read a bit. I’ll see you here and there the next weeks, for a bit of everything, little bit by bit.

What do you want YOUR winter to be?

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions – Or….Not…

  1. Tammy says:

    My winter is going to be a time to reset. I’m purging old socks and old mugs. Weighing in – taking a strength test – figuring out how to make it to yoga more frequently.

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