Wheat Free Wednesday (on Tuesday): Pancakes!

I really like pancakes. Especially when someone else makes them!

I will occasionally, to the delight of my children, make pancakes for lunch, but there’s something about the flipping, flipping, flipping alllll day long that just gets me. Maybe its because I usually don’t seem to stand in one place for that long.

But, today, I’m up early, before the sun. So, what do I Google?

Coconut Flour pancakes.

Not only is it ‘Wheat Free Wednesday’ appropriate (this post coming at you one day early, hope you don’t mind!), but also I am entirely out of whole wheat flour until I pick up my Azure Standard order tonight, and I also wanted to surprise Hub’band by making breakfast.

Because he’s usually the breakfast chef. Because though my younger brothers would appreciate that I’m a bit more civil in the morning, I’m still not very coherent. Unless I get a jump start on coherency – like today!

Why use coconut flour? Its a high-fiber flour (the highest of any flour, by the way, at 58%) , much lower in carbs than wheat flour, is gluten-free, and because 14% of it is coconut oil (and, of course, because of the high fiber content) it makes you feel full faster – and stay full (which could lead to weight loss for some).

There are several great pancake recipes I’ve tried, and I’ll make a list below. This new recipe for this morning comes from the Nourishing Days blog, and features the original recipe, and then the author’s revised recipe (which I decided to use), for today’s experiment.

Some tips:

Use a generous amount of oil, and keep reapplying the oil. You want the edges to be crispy.

Leave them baking on the first side even longer than you think. I tried to flip them once, the first time, and thought I had a good snag on ’em with the ol’ spatula, but the result was a little bit mashed up (still very edible, but lacking in presentation).

Keep them on the small side, and not incredibly thick.

Obviously, these tips are pretty general, but they might help give you a guideline if you make them.

We slathered a little more butter on, and then topped with Wildtree Blueberry Pancake syrup. Absolute yumminess. I will definitely make this one again!

Two other non-wheat recent favorites:

All three of these are from one of my absolute favorite-est blogs, Kitchen Stewardship (thanks, Katie Kimball, for experimenting, so we don’t have to! ;-):

Orange Vegetable Pancakes 

Apple-Almond Pancakes

p.s. pictures to come of the coconut pancakes – I can’t find my camera cord! Oh where, oh where, has it gone?

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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