Without a vision….

…this blog would perish.

“Oh man, its Thursday. THURSDAY. She always posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Is the earth about to fade away, like we hear in the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading?” 

Hardly. Just doing a bit of planning, and I thought I’d let you in on it. Don’t freak out like the chickens when they see a plastic bag. Sheesh.


Okay, you know the quote, from Proverbs (28:18, if you want to look it up), Without a Vision, the People Perish – and I’m just applying it to my humble blog. If you notice, because I am a woman, wife, mother, teacher, etc, etc, I’m usually “on” for a couple of weeks, and then I need to take a break to re-tool. Life gets busy. I get behind. I’m sure you all know the feeling.

Here is the latest fruit from my musings, and some neato things to watch for in the coming months!

Chesterton’s House series: Can I get a ‘woot-woot’ from all those G.K. Chesterton fans out there?

…. Ok, I heard a few of you.

Now, who can give me a shout-out if they ever struggle with where they live? Yeah, I definitely hear you.

For me, I have this re-curring spiritual problem (seriously, its a spiritual problem!) of just not appreciating my home.

There, I said it. I hope you didn’t just lose all respect for me just there.

But, writing, journaling, or blogging has always helped me to discover gratefulness at what God has given me. There is a fabulous quote by G.K., “The human house is a paradox, for it is larger inside than out.”  Isn’t that profound?

To me, it means: The REAL stuff happens in our homes, not “out there”. So, what are some ways we can make peace with our homes? This will be a rollicking ride through organizing the small home and kitchen, planning a small-ish garden, and raising small animals and small children, and just plain old caring for our families. I hope to include some highlights from Chesterton, faith, experience, and statistical studies (you know what Mark Twain would say, but…)

This new series will likely pop up on Mondays.

Thinking about Wheat Wednesday” will continue, but I’m also adding in a “Wordy Wednesday” to talk about books I’m reading and review them. I love to read. And I love alliteration, if you  couldn’t tell. And catchy titles. And themes.

Fridays will be “Fermented Things“, interspersed with a series on how to find local foods in your area, called “Don’t Hassle Me – I’m (eating) Local” where’er you happen to be (who can name the wacky 90’s movie that featured a paraphrased version of this slogan. Hint, it was on a T-shirt).

I’ll give you some tips that I’ve picked up, and I look forward to hearing more tips as well. But part of this series will be focused on delving a little into the philosophy of local foods. There are questions that keep popping up, like, ‘How should I choose between organic and local?’ or, “I like all the benefits of coconut oil, but I live in North Dakota, where no self-respecting coconut tree would ever grow – so what do I do?” If you have any thoughts on questions you’d like to see explored, let me know.


So, that is my vision for The Accidental Pumpkin as fall moves into winter. I continue to love to write and share, and I appreciate the comments that you interject to keep the conversation going (and I have decided to ‘un-moderate’ my comments, so they’ll appear in a more timely manner. I DO love to respond to all of them, but sometimes can’t respond riiiiiight away. It seems unfair to leave you hanging, especially when everyone is playing so nice, after all).

I’m fast approaching the 1-yr. mark for this blog, and it remains a source of refreshment, stress release, and a good excuse to keep the camera handy. Thanks all, for your support and reading!


4 thoughts on “Without a vision….

  1. John says:

    What about bob

  2. Suzanne says:

    Love the idea for “Wordy Wednesday” and would love to hear about the books you are reading!

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