Ease of gardening, Love of eating….

Last Monday, I wrote about some resolutions. I wanted to further post about some new additions that I’ve learned about from reading an excellent book (so excellent that I racked up some library fines because I didn’t want to return it!)

I greatly enjoyed this book. I really don’t buy many books, because our local library is so great, but I would seriously consider buying this one. The text and pictures were beautiful!

The Food Lover’s Garden, by Mark Diacomo

Mark walks us through categories of easy, mostly perennial, fruits, veggies and herbs – that are pretty to look at, but mostly, great to eat! I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to preserve – so,  I ‘ate up’ every word of the book, and took notes on future resolutions for my garden.

I think, in the grand plan of my garden, several of the raised beds will, in the next few years, turn into perennial beds. I already have asparagus, which is featured in the book, and I added walking or, Egyptian onions to my garden as well! Several, a gift from a friend’s mother, and some more, a gift from a new blogger-friend (Thanks, Provident Home Companion!)

If I could plant some trees in my yard, I would plant:

Fruit Tree: Quince

Nuts tree: Pecans

Fruits I would like to plant:

Blue Honeysuckle

New Herbs and Spices:

Carolina Allspice and Szechuan Pepper

Under the ‘Beans and Greens’ category: Globe Artichokes

Leaves and Flowers: Nasturtiums. (I enjoyed reading about some things that are already growing in my garden. Made me feel kinda cool.)

Buried Treasure:  Jerusalem Artichokes (this chapter also mentioned the Egyptian walking onions).


Are you curious? Which of these will you Google first?

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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