I just wanted to pop on quickly today, and give a link to a great article about organic gardener, and, — well, acquaintance? Friend, dare I say? Amanda Schlenker, who just has an outrageous, delicious variety of organic produce at her stand on S. University (in the Kmart parking lot). I shopped just about weekly at Amanda’s stand last summer, and also got to talk to her a bit at the Local Foods conference in early 2012 — but haven’t seen her at all this summer, as we had a weekly CSA box and had enough veggies to deal with. I was really happy to read that I have a week yet to get over and stock up on squash, potatoes, and garlic (and maybe a few more pumpkins!) before the Veggie Barn is closed up for the season.

The article also unraveled a little mystery for me. When I first heard “LadyBug Acres”, the farm where the produce is grown, I thought, “Ohhhh, fer cuuuute!” but didn’t think much more. Read the article to learn, as I did, WHY it is named LadyBug Acres (savvy gardeners might guess even before reading! Read it anyway, then you can think, “I am so. smart.”)




See you on Wednesday for the last wheat-related post in my series…..


Ladybug Acres in the news!

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