Looking at Wheat Wednesday: what to make? Some recipes…

[As I’ve been learning more about modern wheat, and its ancient equivalent (einkorn, and later, emmer), I have also been looking into the vast amount of resources, books, and blog posts, about going grain-free.

I don’t think its for me.

But, I do think that I want to continue to limit grains to about a 1/2 C. per meal when I do have them, and I’m trying to not have any grains at all before lunch. It can be a bit tricky, and I continue to fluctuate and cheat and go back and forth in my discipline. It really is tough at times to be consistent, and easy at other times. Weird.

For those who might want to join in the experiment, or are just curious to try a new recipe, I have made a couple recipes that bear repeating.

One is a grain-free pancake recipe I learned of in the Kitchen Stewardship blog (which is a fantastic, lovely blog, btw!). I also have used several of the recipes in the Wheat Belly book, and two of my favorites have been the flax hot cereal, and the flaxseed wrap. I don’t know if its lawful to copy them here on my blog, but they are both easy, filling, and tasty. The cereal I cut in half – making a whole recipe was just TOO much! I couldn’t finish it! The flaxseed wrap took me a time or two preparing, but when I got the hang of the texture, it was fun. I love the flavor it gets when I add a tsp. of my Wildtree Adobo Seasoning blend – its just perfect. I have also just recently made the cookie recipe, and I really loved them. They have a base of ground walnuts and coconut flour. Yum! Moist, and a bit crumbly. Not good for dunking IN coffee, but eating with coffee close by, definitely.

What can you use if you’re not using wheat? I have used flaxseed, coconut flour, and almond meal/flour. We even ground up our own almond flour – if you have a grain mill (or borrow one from your neighbor, and then keep it so long she forgets you have it, then she comes over to your house and your feel bad you’ve had it so long, and offer to buy it from her, and thus now it really IS yours), you can easily do this – though, let me warn you, have some good helpers on hand, because it takes a while! I think it took us an hour to grind about 3 cups! I have to look into what might make it go quicker next time.

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We put the whole almonds in a plastic zip-top bag, took them out back on the sidwalk and bashed ’em with a hammer, then loaded them in the hopper of the Family Grain Mill and turned the crank. Voila (and hour later) – we could make a truly delicious Apple Walnut “Bread”, courtesy of the recipes included in the Wheat Belly Book, by Dr. William Martin.

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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