A fall garden project – in progress

As I was putting my garden boxes to bed a couple weeks back and harvesting the last of everything, I just wanted to prolong the magic somehow. Enter a fall garden. And a raised bed mini-hoop-house.

It is a work in progress. As in, I put it up (actually, I shopped for the stuff, then Hub’band kindly ran the drill, and I was thankful) after putting in kale, collards (two kinds! I love collards!), beets, peas, chard, and spinach. Then put plastic over it. Then the next day, the plastic blew off.

But, I am undeterred. This could work. I has worked for others. I would like to make it work for me.

Updates when available. But until then, any ideas?

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3 thoughts on “A fall garden project – in progress

  1. John says:

    maybe if you got some clamps to fasten the plastic to the poles? Depending on how tough the plastic is, maybe you could actually punch some little holes and then use string or zip ties,but I wouldn’t want the holes to get bigger.

    • John says:

      Another idea–if there is enough plastic on the ground where you have the rocks/bricks, maybe you could make a fold so that there are bricks both inside and outside the hoop house. It’s hard to explain…

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