Looking at Wheat Wednesday: Got Wheat?…No? Okay then, how about einkorn? – Part 2

So, if I am to be a crazy person that doesn’t eat common whole wheat bread (that is supposed to be really healthy for you!…….more on that in Part 3), what can I make my kids toast out of? Should I be like the Seinfeld so-called ‘Soup Nazi’ and just say, “No bread for you!…Or anyone!”

Many people would think, ok, so just turn to the gluten-free bread! And, that may be a short-term solution. Indeed, that is what I had been doing for close to a year.

But, there becomes a problems with too much gluten-free anything (even besides the high price! oy! You gotta be Scrooge McDuck to afford this stuff!)

The problem, for me, is that  most commercially available gluten-free bread (and many recipes you can make at home) rely on other grains that are equally high in the glycemic index (aka, make your blood sugar spike high, then you crash. Blood sugar crash = unhappy people, and sometimes people who retain the remnant of wheat in their belly fat. Doubly unhappy people). I had seen weight gain in myself and my husband since we had been livin’ la vida ‘gluten free’.

I’m currently researching and learning about an ancient grain – the ORIGINAL wheat – called einkorn. This is, literally, what enabled the nomads to ‘settle down’.

Its genetic structure isn’t like modern wheat – and it was what our ‘ancestors’ were eating, probably beginning about 50 or so years ago, and going back in time.  Have you looked at pictures of your great-grandparents, or even your grandparents, for that matter? Notice how thin everyone looks? You didn’t necessarily have to live and work on a farm to remain slender – you just had to eat einkorn, which then was called wheat – and what is wheat now, is vastly different, genetically.

I was able to get a sample of einkorn pasta from the company Jovial Foods. I am considering purchasing either ground einkorn flour, or some einkorn berries that I can grind myself. The pasta taste test went well – the kids couldn’t tell the difference, and if I had to say there was any difference, I would say it really just tasted like whole wheat pasta, which I was already used to.

I’m also limiting us, for the time being, to the Ezekiel brand sprouted grain bread. It is lower in the glycemic index, and still expensive enough that we won’t eat 6 pieces with each meal. Because, again, Oy! Scrooge McDuck factor – hitting the wallet – yikes.

Again, I don’t have all the answers, but this is an interesting journey. Is anyone else out there questioning ‘healthy whole-grain’ products? Let me know what you’ve been finding in your own journey – I’d love to hear from you!

One thought on “Looking at Wheat Wednesday: Got Wheat?…No? Okay then, how about einkorn? – Part 2

  1. Just look at it…nutritional value and genetically primitive. Einkorn has the best flavor of any wheat I have ever tasted too. This article may be helpful: http://www.einkorn.com/types-of-wheat-nutritional-content-health-benefits-comparison/

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