Three more books for kids that like growing things –

I like to share my gardening hobby with my kids, and sometimes I do it through books. Which is why I have posted several children’s book reviews already this summer – and here are three more books you might like to read with a young person in your life (or, just by yourself, because you’re young at heart!)

Salamander Room, by Anne Mazer, Ill Steve Johnson. A little boy catches a salamander and wants to keep him as a pet. Prompted by questions from his mother as to how he’ll make his room suitable for such a pet to be happy and healthy, the boy reinvents his room until it resembles the outdoors where the salamander is most happy. Beautiful pictures, and just all-around lovely book.



Counting on the Woods by George Ella Lyon, Ann W Olson photographer A basic counting book, but with stunning natural photos of the treasures you’ll find when you go walking in the woods.





Plant a Little Seed, by Bonnie Christensen. I loved the woodcut illustrations of two young gardeners tending to their community gardening plot – from seed, to watering, to weeding, to waiting – to finally eating (and preserving the bounty). Simple text and repetitive, but that doesn’t take away from the book – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Three more books for kids that like growing things –

  1. Tammy says:

    Wish i’d known you a while back when I did a giveaway on my blog of books just like this.

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