Organic Jerks?

Hey, did you catch the somewhat-recent article on a “study” done to *prove* that people who prefer organic food are, basically, jerks!

The designers of this lil’ study showed pictures to three groups of people, and the pictures were in three different categories – organic food, comfort foods (like cake and ice cream!) and somewhat normal or even boring foods, like mustard. After that, they gave the participants pictures of ‘moral’ situations, and they had to judge how bad the situations were – again, from a moral standpoint. The situations ranged from some yucky ones (that I won’t bother repeating) to stealing to a lawyer hounding an ambulance. Finally, the participants ‘moral scores’ were normed, and – lo and behold! – those people who had just been viewing (not eating, mind you) pictures of organic food judged the moral situations as ‘more bad’ than the two other control groups (but a .5 percent ‘more-badness’ score). In other words, the people who had viewed (and again, not chewed!) the organic food pictures were more likely to judge these situations more harshly than those who had looked at caramel rolls, or salt.

For starters, how does viewing pictures of food prove that those who eat organic food are harsher judges of moral stuff? The whole thing just baffles me, and is kind of just silly.

But, let’s just think about it for a minute: What if, perhaps, those people who do eat organic food, or prefer it, have judged that there are moral implications to the way we treat the precious resources God gave us to steward, and have decided the solution is to stick to foods that were, for the most part, grown in accordance with an appreciation of that gift?
Does that make us jerks, or just awesome?

I’ll let you decide.

* For those who are interested, the original study and abstract can be found here. *

2 thoughts on “Organic Jerks?

  1. Tammy says:

    I just don’t trust the data on this one.

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