Raspberry Perspective

I had a philosophical raspberry moment the other night –

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You know, when you realize that, raspberries really make you constantly shift your perspective. You look at the big tangle of bushes one way, and you see about 5 red, juicy berries. Then, you squat down, and you notice, from looking up at the exact same spot, there are 8 more to be had. Then, if you dare to grab a leaf, or better yet, carefully pull the stalk aside, and look further down into the darkness between all the tangle, there are 10 more that you would have never seen!

You repeat this, going around and around the bushes, until you can’t see any more red. But then, you go back to the beginning, and look one more time, to be sure (because you don’t want them to get so ripe they plop off onto the ground – because really, they’re just gone then) – and you notice a few more that you missed.

You repeat this every day, and your knees actually get sore with bending, and your ankles kind of hurt, and the hand where you hold your raspberry bowl gets cramped, and you get a funny twitch in your raspberry-picking hand, but you gather steam, day by day in the raspberry season, brief but oh-so-delicious, until it is second nature to turn the leaves this way and that, snatch every yummy crimson gem.

This metaphor can speak to a person of many things. Today, it speaks to me of revealed truth. Truth is not always comfortable, or comforting – something it pricks the fingers, or the conscience? It stretches our minds, or our hearts (or ankles, or knees). But we can see it – maybe its in the shadow of a leaf, but we know it is there – we can almost reach out and touch it – but not quite. It requires us to reach for it – to keep our eyes ever on it, even as we push or pull obstacles out of the way. It exists, it is sweet.

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Perspective

  1. Suzanne says:

    I wish we could grow raspberries! We’ve tried, but only ended up with big canes and no berries. Finally last year, we dug them up and got rid of them. Planted strawberries instead. We had a few strawberries our first year, but again, not much. I’m not sure if the birds are getting our berries, or if we just lack a “green thumb” in the berry department!

    • Laura says:

      I am sorry for your lack of berries – that is sad! And frustrating! I hope your strawberry adventure reaps bigger rewards!!

  2. Matthew I says:

    That really is a lot like life, isn’t it?
    I’m adding those raspberries to the list of things to envy you, they look fantastic!

    • Laura says:

      Oh, thanks, Matthew! I just realized, I have a picture of green strawberries, and ripe raspberry! Ha! Pobody’s Nerfect, I guess 😉

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