CSA Survival Tip #3: Savor the flavor by learning the rhythm of your CSA week

This rhythm of my week is different when I get a weekly veggie box, which we start getting around the middle to end of June until roughly the beginning to middle of September (sometimes a little longer). Here is what I like my week to look like, and so herein is the tip:

Take the time to think about the rhythm of your CSA week, then you will get to savor your CSA week.

For me, Thursday is delivery day.

Thursday: Prep veggies (Tip #1). Put in plastic bags, Tupperware, and occasionally do some heavier chopping, food processing, or even roasting, depending on my menu plan (which I did plan for, using Tip #2).

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Using up veggies, with supper for sure. Later in the season when the shares are even more plentiful with the meaty produce (like cukes and tomatoes), we’re using items from our box at lunch, snacks, and supper, too!

Sunday or Monday our newsletter comes out, so I take a look at what’s coming, and update my menu plan. I also take stock of the fridge and/or root cellar to see what I’ve got left. I can update the previous week’s menu plan to fit it all in.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I continue to use what I can, but I’ll also start preserving batches, even small ones, of the produce I just know we won’t get to consume fresh this week. I do this while I’m preparing a meal, usually. Makes sense to do all the kitchen stuff I can while I’m in there. (I’ll write more about some very simple preserving in next week’s tip!)

The rhythm is different during our CSA summer. It is a different mind-set, and definitely one of good stewardship. It is also different for my grocery shopping! And, as you’ll read in Monday’s post, I realllly, reallly DON’T want to throw anything away, if at all possible. So it does take some planning and thinking. Believe me, the first year is the toughest.

Now, as I write this, as a 4th year member of a CSA, it is a comfortable and cozy rhythm to the week. I am so very thankful for the time, skill, labor, effort, knowledge, and wisdom of our CSA farm crew. I know I couldn’t do it myself – even my little backyarden takes time and effort sometimes beyond my capacity to give. I mean, did you read about the powdery mildew on Wednesday?

So, each week, I celebrate Thursday with a walk about 3 houses down the block to pick up my box, and rejoice at its fullness, and at the good health and delicious food it is and represents.

One thought on “CSA Survival Tip #3: Savor the flavor by learning the rhythm of your CSA week

  1. inherchucks says:

    another great post with a wealth of information. Come and link up to this week’s party…http://inherchucks.com/2012/06/20/whats-in-the-box-31/. Hope to see you there 🙂

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