What’s Up Wednesday: Homemade Garden Markers

I entreated my friend to go on Pinterest and send me some pictures of garden markers. Because I’m afraid if I go on Pinterest, I may never be seen again.

With her help, and some visual aids, I crafted what I think are some pretty darn nifty garden markers. I used Sculpey clay (original kind), worked it until soft, and then used acrylic rubber stamps to push into the clay. You can also use wood-mounted stamps, and I did try this, but did not like the clean, clear results as much as with the acrylic ones. Bad news, I think that I might have wrecked the stamps that I used for the project. But, considering that I nearly never use them, they should get used! And used up! And I really like my new garden markers!

I put some glaze, two coats, over them. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what will happen when they get wet – because there is no doubt they will get wet.  After a very half-hearted attempt to use the internet to give me an answer on what kind of glaze I should use, I just bought one on Amazon that looked Ok. If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it.

I bought some electric fence wire on a small spool for $5, the clay was $12 (including shipping) and the glaze was $6. I made 13 markers in all, and you can check out their snazzy appearance in the garden. While I think they turned out great, one of the things I appreciate is that they’re all different, and they all have some imperfections. They are not mass-produced junky things. Even if they only last a season (see “glaze issue” above) I think the time I spent creating them was worth it. It was invigorating to do something I’d never done before, and also to have done it myself. For more things you *can* do yourself, see you next week! Sorry the pictures didn’t make it onto this post – please watch for them in a ‘weekend special’ of some neat garden photos, ok, folks?

2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: Homemade Garden Markers

  1. Libby Keane says:

    I would love to see them. How very creative. Me, I just cut up old mini blinds and used a sharpie on them. I love your idea for more permanent markers.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! I feel bad I didn’t follow through on posting them with the actual post – boo. I hope I will have it organized soon. And, speaking of sharpies and mini blinds, I JUST learned that tip this year – what a great idea!!

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