What’s Up Wednesday for May 23rd

Oh, MAN! I am SO, SO excited!

Our first Lakes and Valley CSA delivery is tomorrow!

Also with the delivery will come the bedding plants I ordered. So, what’s up for my Wednesday? Deciding, finally, where these plant-babies will go. I’ve got a few things coming that I need to settle a home for. I’ll also be picking up my order from Azure standard, which will include some perennial herbs. I like the idea of a perennial herb bed – as I made a list late in the winter of ‘what I missed’ that my garden didn’t have, or I couldn’t buy at a local farmer’s market last summer: sage. rosemary. thyme. (Just need parsley, and we can cue Simon and Garfunkel).

Here is what’s up:

Already in the garden (most just newly planted last Satuday, some planted as long as last November…ok, just one thing, the garlic):

– two varieties of beans. One green, one violet (new thing!)

– transplanted chives, rhubarb, and the ever-present-no-matter-how-much-I-try-to-get-rid-of horseradish. Good thing we like it.

– beets – detroit dark red, chioggia, and golden

– snap peas – sugar daddy

– raspberries (which you can see above)

– 4 developing strawberries!

– parsnips

– quinoa (a small experimental row, the seeds of which were a gracious gift for my birthday)

– Cuban oregano, san Marzano tomato, Best boy tomato (stolen by squirrel, rabbit, or child. Not sure which), genovese basil, sugar baby watermelon (fried crisply. Too bad) (all of which I bought at an awesome plant sale at the Northern Plains Botanical Garden society! Most were $1!)

– garlic (which you can see above as well)

To be planted when delivered — tomorrow!!!! – Did I mention I’m excited?????

– brussels sprouts – Churchill

– zucchini – Elite

– tomatoes – brandywine, gilbertie, new girl and Matt’s wild cherry, and container tomatoes (oregon spring)

– bell peppers – ace and revolution

– hot peppers – jalapeno

– cucumbers – marketmore

– cabbage – kaitlin

– sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary

It should be an interesting plant shuffle.   I think I’ll harvest the garlic fairly soon (I’ve never grown garlic before, but apparently I’m supposed to wait to pull it until the first 3 leaves die back and wither…1 of the three has withered on several of the plants. Once that’s out, I’ll just have peas there, which won’t be a forever thing — so there’ll be some space. ) I have one raised bed for the herbs, and possible a cucumber or zucchini, and then one additional completely empty raised bed. There are 4 others, but they are mostly spoken for.  My other option is to put a few things in the strawberry bed. I had two surviving plants after winter, but hey — that’s a start. My lush raspberry crop was started with a gift from a friend of canes from her parent’s place, which I neglected to plant for…oh…about 4 – 6 weeks, after which 6 were plants, 4 survived. Now, I have thinned twice in 4 seasons! Strawberries, follow your fruity cousins and multiply – multiply I say! *I heart strawberries.

Anything up in your garden? On your patio? in your Terrarium?

3 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday for May 23rd

  1. Sharon says:

    Love your enthusiasm! I, too, get very jazzed about putting in the spring garden. Sounds like you’ve got some great varieties!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks, Sharon! Just wondering – do you garden into fall, too? I’m considering making a smaaaaalll low-tunnel/hoop house sort of thing, and looking for wisdom to be shared! 😉

      • Sharon says:

        I do garden in the fall–and the winter and spring! I made my first cold frame this past winter (you can see it at http://gettinfreshblog.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/building-a-cold-frame/), and it gave us lettuce starting in March here in Virginia. This year I’m going to plant lettuce in it in the fall and keep it going all winter long (along with spinach, tatsoi, green onions, and maybe a few other things). I also recently found an enormous skylight at a yard sale that I’m going to use as a top for a second cold frame, since the first works so well!

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