Whats up Wednesday: Found and Local: Dandelion — Menace, or….Medicine?

Ah, the humble dandelion. Some who know me ‘irl’ know that I’ve gone from hating dandelions and pulling them out with my Weed-Hound, to letting them flourish in my yard and making syrup, jelly, fritters, and cookies out of them!

Far from being a nuisance or a bane, the European settlers who brought them here did so – ON PURPOSE. Can you imagine? “Hmm, with what shall I fill my sea-crossing satchel? Family heirloom, or fluffy yellow flower?” And yet, amazingly, some brought this flower. What some people try to eradicate from their yards with all kinds of nasty chemicals, others (well, mostly naturopathic doctors) prescribe as medicine. Dandelion is a diuretic (yeah, makes ya’ pee – in fact, its French name, pissenlit, means ‘to “piss” the bed, apparently),and  a liver cleanser/tonic. Its flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Its early spring greens are high in vitamins (later spring and summer greens are more bitter and not so tasty). The dandelion plant has a long tap-root, like a carrot, and if you can manage to pull a big chunk out, you can roast the root, and make a kind of coffee out of it – a non-caffeinated “coffee”! This is on my list for ‘someday’ when I’m caught up on all my other projects, so much so that I can dig out dandelion taproots.

Do not banish the dandelion, but embrace it, with some of these recipes! *I think I have a bunch of pictures of my dandelion stuff, but can not for the life of me find it on my ‘puter. If I do, I’ll update this post with a slideshow as well.*


Chocolate Chip Dandelion Cookies

Dandelion Syrup (which can be used as a base for jelly)

Dandelion Fritters (this one has really beautiful pictures)

Dandelion Wine (I have never tried this – this is also on “the list”)

Stay tuned for a soon-to-be-written post about more “weeds” you can eat!



3 thoughts on “Whats up Wednesday: Found and Local: Dandelion — Menace, or….Medicine?

  1. Suzanne says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love the dandelion. I also find it amusing that our small children experience so much joy in handing us mothers a bouquet of dandelions and expect us to put them in a vase and appreciate their thoughtfulness IN GIVING US A HANDFUL OF WEEDS!

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