Things on top of my ‘fridge:


A playmobil guy with Viking helmet

A staple gun

A shim

Brown rice crisps


Lactoferment(ing) lemonade

It is a rainy day – can’t play outside, a bit tired from a late night. Besides the fact that its always a great day to ingest healthy bacteria, its also a great day to give more of them life, so to speak.

This recipe originally came from the cook/book “Nourishing Traditions” and I was reminded about it be fellow blogger arealfoodlover.  Scaled due to laziness on this rainy day – prepared for a Sunday after-church where I will wish I would have squeezed 6 more lemons.

6 lemons

1/8 c whey (if you make yogurt or have some in the fridge, just dribble off the clearish-whitish-yellowish top ‘juice’ to get this amount. Learn more about whey here)

1/2 c sugar

1/2 gal (8 c) purified water

Juice lemons into container. Add whey water and sugar. Stir til dissolved. Cover, put note on it so no one in your house touches it (see above), and set in a warm spot to ferment. Wait 24 – 48 hours. Chill to slow fermentation when finished, drink and enjoy! *add more sugar to taste*

Watch for a post next week about some other easy lacto-fermented foods you can make at home, on YOUR fridge. Give the playmobil guys an eviction notice, and get some healthy gut flora goin’!

3 thoughts on “Things on top of my ‘fridge:

  1. We should all do a top of the fridge post 🙂 I have a gallon of Kombucha, a stack of cloth napkins, two empty salad dressing bottles waiting to be filled, and a canister of herbal dandelion coffee. Sounds like a hippie’s fridge to me….

  2. Matthew I says:

    Does it matter where you get the whey for this? That is, do I understand correctly that the whey is the source of the bacteria that you’re cultivating here? Most of the whey I get is from making Ricotta, and I’m thinking that that probably won’t work for this.

    When I’m not remodeling my kitchen, I usually have a jar of starter on top of the fridge, I think this might make a fine companion for it! (Here’s hoping I get that space back before summer ends…)

    • Laura says:

      I don’t think it matters where you get the whey from – I most often open my sour cream (store bought) or yogurt (sometimes homemade, sometimes store bought) and just try my best to dribble out the amount I need. Another “way to make whey” is if you want to make some paneer cheese – if memory serves, the process begins by just adding some lemon juice or vinegar to milk, then heating and stirring stirring stirring until the whey and curds separate. I’ve done this with raw milk, and it worked great. Matthew, have you ever frozen whey to use later? I’m going to try that —

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