What’s Up Wednesday – Compost Flingers Anonymous!

Yeah, it really is what’s up! I wanted to focus, albeit briefly, on making composting work for you. In the past, I’ve done several things:

– ice cream bucket under the sink

– plastic gallon milk jug, partially cut apart for a large top opening, handle still intact

– plastic bags

I have also used the second two methods, and have had a couple of jugs or bags going, and have stuck them in the freezer until I could deal with them. Freezing makes the cell walls explode, thus, perhaps, just a little teensy bit, decreasing decomposition time.

Am I a compost expert? Nah. I mean, I *know* I should be turning my pile more often (or, like, at ALL), adding the right ratios of browns to greens, watering it or monitoring the temp, or not including such woody stalks that I have included from time to time — but, you know, even if it takes longer, it still breaks down. I’m cool with that. I’m a work in progress, and so is my compost pile.

My current method of getting my compost to the pallet-construction open compost area in my backyarden? I chuck it from my back door. It helps me release pent up energy/excitement/frustration, and it also caters to my problem of never being able to find my slip-on shoes – which exist so they’re easy to slip on and go, but seem to have minds of their own and are never where I put them. I also sometimes don’t want to walk the 10 steps from my door to the pile. But I want to keep composting. And so I heave-ho!

So, if you walk though when I’m finishing up meal prep, beware of what’s up – it could be veggies, greens, or an eggshell or two, soaring through the air to the C-Pile.

2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – Compost Flingers Anonymous!

  1. Suzie says:

    Wish mine was located close enough to sling it from the door! I did invest in a stainless steel compost bucket with charcoal filters and haven’t ever had an odor problem. I have had to replace the screws to hold the handle, but that’s a minor fix. During the summer, it looks nice enough to sit on my counter (easy to see, easy to use) and it goes under the sink when company arrives.

    I’m a work in progress, too. My pile is pretty dry and sometimes the kids throw in uncompostable material …I’ll eventually dig it out! I’d still like to add a door to the front so materials don’t fall out and then a cover to heat it up does top my wishlist. We’ll see what improvements I’m able to make this year.

  2. marasmom says:

    Way to go, you, for conserving that much needed energy (and releasing your anger on leftover organic matter)! I do the same with dirty diapers! Not into the compost, of course, but the trash. 🙂 Our beginners’ compost is not so handy so stuff sits out in a tray on the stove until one of us remembers to bring it out.

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