Found: My Birthday present

I get to share my birthday with Easter Sunday! Yippee! So,….my feast is movable, and we’ll be celebrating later. I did pick out a present, and sweet Hub’band agreed – this is “me”. Here’s the plan, and a picture example. I will post MY picture sometime in the end of May, when I feel it will be safe to plant the tender herbs into this garden. Oh, and here’s a link to a video, too! There are actually quite a few ways folks have re-used pallets to make a garden. I want mine to look like this picture, but be made with the method on the video.

Picture from "Life on the Balcony"


So excited!




I’ll be taking next week off from blogging, so don’t miss me too much. See ya later, alligator!

6 thoughts on “Found: My Birthday present

  1. Suzanne says:

    Have a wonderful holy week and and a great birthday, Laura! You and my husband Paul share the same, special birthday! Maybe we’ll have some spring flowers open up just for you next Sunday:)

  2. This is an awesome birthday present. Who knew an old pallet could look so beautiful?!

  3. Tammy says:

    I’ve had a couple of times over the years when my birthday fell on Easter. It is special, isn’t it?

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