Guest Post: Review of Kitchen Chinese by Ann Mah

Hop on over to Cold Read, a where sister-brother team Suzanne Dobbins and Craig Maas review all their recent reads! Suzanne is a serious(ly fast!) reader – and is a great reviewer. Enjoy her post on the book Kitchen Chinese, by Ann Mah.

After your read the review, answer the question in the comments section:

What is your favorite way to cook outside your own culture,or, what would you like to learn more about? Cooking non-American foods usually means you’re eating more fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and getting a balanced meal.

We like to have tacos and some Tex-Mex specialities around here, but we’ve also been trying to make a few Bohemian items. Yes, my ancestry is from a country that doesn’t really exist anymore on the map, but with a rich dietary heritage! More to come on that. But for now, please share: I’d love to hear what you’re cooking up!

Thanks, Suzanne, for hosting this posting!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Review of Kitchen Chinese by Ann Mah

  1. amanda says:

    Stir fry dishes are pretty easy and can be filled with any combination of vegetables topped with a variety of sauces. Fried rice is pretty easy, but harder to pack the veggies in. I love making Indian food too, but there is often a lot of cream and oils that come with that. But you can use paneer and/or tofu instead of meat and it’s pretty easy to make chapati bread with just yogurt and flour. Mmm…

    • Laura says:

      Yes indeed – our first year in the CSA, if we didn’t know what something was, we stir-fried it. 😉 I’d like to say my kids have acquired more of a taste for the unique veggies, but its two steps forward, two steps back on that. Feels good, though, to make something that is so healthy, easy, and can be full of nutritious veggies! I think with Indian cooking, it does depend on what the rest of your day holds, considering the oils, creams, and fats. They are all good for us, but we can’t overdo it. Good comment – thanks!

  2. Suzie says:

    We enjoy Chinese dishes – stir fry, lo mein and fried rice from scratch. I’ve made egg rolls and wontons, but not since hs, and would like to try that again (the wrappers are sittting in my frig!). I’ve also made moo shu pork, one of my favorite dishes in the restaurant.

    Greek is a favorite of mine, so we’ve tried gyros and I’ve still got it in my mind to make pastitsio after trying it at Santa Lucia’s. There are a few Norwegian and German dishes we make regularly, and Mexican or Italian dishes are staples for us, too. I’m not afraid to try new things and thankfully my family is up for it, as well. Zach has been studying different countries in school this year, so I’ve done a little research and we’ve tried dishes specific to each country at the end of his studies.

    I may have to read the book – I’m intrigued!

    • Laura says:

      Hooray for families that are willing to try new things – we just had boiled crawfish tonight – heads and all! I’ll have to show you the pictures sometime! 😉

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