Spring Links!

Okay, so its not spring, but gosh – doesn’t it feel like it? I walked outside the other day in MUD! And it wasn’t near the river making sandbags. It was in my backyard. That was cool.

It made me really think about the backyard garden, seeds, CSA, and lots of those fun spring things.

I wanted to share a few links to get you started, and I hope you’ll share a few back –

A garden journal website: Green Thumb Journal. OK, so I used this one last year, but I have to say, it isn’t the most user friendly. Is there a better one out there?

Garden Planner: The Vegetable Garden Planner from Mother Earth News. Lots of cool features. Check it. \

Johnny’s Selected Seeds: You might not order your seeds from Johnny’s (I actually do not) but its is recommended by Tom Kalb to have a copy on hand to know the varieties and information. I’m going to get one this year and check it out.

St. Clare’s Heirloom Seeds: Great selection, quality, prices, and ultra fast. I’ve ordered for the past two years, and will do so again this year! Heirloom, open-pollinated, non GMO. Great stuff, folks.

What are you planning to grow this year? Are you going to get a share in a CSA? Let’s talk more about CSAs on Monday. See ya then!

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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