Lost: Lard

As promised, this Monday’s post continues Friday’s Fatty theme, and today, we’ll explore Lard.

Lard gets a bad rap. And while its true you can eat too much of any kind of fat, many of us fear fat unnecessarily, as I alluded to in Friday’s post.

Traditional fats and foods were studied by dentist Weston A Price, and the results continue to astound people. Controversial, to say the least, but when you examine the foundational study (published in 1953) that declared saturated fat to be a villain, you’ll see, as other researchers have, that the logic is flimsy at best, flawed at worst. (Conspiracy theory, anyone? Bueller?) You can dwell on the controversy here, and here, or just enjoy the fatty slide show at the bottom of the screen.  Depends on how much you want your thinking challenged this early on a Monday morning.

But now, the story of my happy pig. This past fall, our family had the opportunity to purchase a whole hog, organic, pasture-raised (YESSS) with two other families. I opted to receive the fat as well – so I could render lard. It came in three humungous bags, all ground up, which was nice and would save me time. One of the families didn’t want their share of fat, so I have one bag still left in the freezer! Suh-weet!

I came across this idea of rendering lard on another blog, which led to a search on several other blogs for the method I wanted to go with (sound familiar? I hope on the computer to do one thing, and …..3 hours later….) I settled on the Simple,Green, Frugal Co-op site  post, as it had the most detailed instructions, and I remain pleased with the results – the method worked out great! Read the post, then enjoy my Lardshow, which is like a slideshow, only all the slides contain something lard-related:  You’ll see the whole frozen fat, the fat in the crockpot, the honey-colored warm lard right after I strained it in a flour sack dishtowel, the “cracklins” (more on that in a post soon!),  the finished white solid lard, and the first delicious pie crust I made! I keep the jars in the freezer until I’m ready to use them. Then, I move the jar to the fridge, and just work away at it.

Embrace the fat. Yum! Yea, verily.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Lard

  1. Yum, I don’t know why the traditional fats ever fell out of flavor. They are so delicious! I just posted a real food nacho cheese recipe, with homemade tortilla chips fried in beef tallow. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Great blog, keep up the good work!

    • Laura says:

      Hey, thanks for the encouragement – I appreciate it! Can’t wait to check out your blog, too — that has been on ‘my list’ — why does the list never shrink? 😉 Making homemade tortilla chips! I have cut them pizza-wedge-style and just toasted them in the oven, but I’m waiting to amass some more tallow for the frying. I will be checking out your recipe today!

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