Beware of Local Food Pirates, Arrrrrrrrr!

Things that make you go….HMMM?

Take a look at this Butter Kernel corn ad, and see if you agree that…. (I tried to attach an image…but couldn’t….)

…local foods are such a growing phenomenon that the corn is running scared. Or,…the marketers of the corn. Trusted quality? Perhaps. Locally grown? Not likely.

Ads such as these are sort of a mix of good news, and bad news.

The good news – consumers are increasingly asking for local. They are vocal about local.

The bad news – big companies can dupe unsuspecting consumers into thinking they’re supporting local by supporting one of the biggest veggie canners in the U.S.

Pirating the local food movement – what do you think? Have you encountered similar advertising in your community, or in your newspaper’s coupon section?

*Thanks to Annie Carlson who mentioned this new ad as part of her presentation in the Dakota Grown Local Foods Conference.

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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