Looking out at the painted-frosty-wonderful-icy trees, and the fog (yep, that’s still here, too) I can’t help but just marvel in the little everyday beauties of creation, even right here in the city, across from the Mall. But, inside, we’re going to continue to make Punxsatawny Phil keep his promises – let’s bring on spring by talking about food, about growing it, about eating it, about connecting with farmers, farms, and people doing good stuff, right in our own ‘neighborhood’. From my own perspective, my participating in the local foods movement includes mostly eating it. I grow some, too. I love to learn.

I’ve enjoyed meeting a couple of the other bloggers (so far! Hoping I cross paths with more of them today) – and would love for you to check out their perspective on their own blogs – we’re all from different walks, and we all have a unique voice to share.

Beth, at Rhubarb and Venison has her post up here, I met Beth briefly yesterday. Brenda, from I Need Chocolate is right here for ya’. I hung out and chatted quite a bit with my new pal Pam, from Its Time for more Coffee (great title, and a true statement, no matter the time of day, IMHO) has her post up right about… from Wag’n Tales is around here, too.

We also have Kirsti from GriggsDakota blogging here, and one of the conference organizers and 1-month-under-her-belt-new-job with the USDA, Katie Pinke of Pinke Post also has a blog post up on her personal blog. Sarah from Farmer on the Mission wasn’t able to make it, but her blog looks absolutely beautiful, so check it out.

So, where am I headed today? I’ll be gathering back with the conference in just a few minutes, and plan to attend several interesting sessions today, including learning about social media and how it relates to local foods with Katie Pinke, a session on the economics of running a small vegetable farm, lunch with a presentation by Noreen Thomas, and a session on direct farm marketing. Awesome, and thankful for the opportunity, and the fresh perspective I am gaining from all of this. Thanks for reading along!

2 thoughts on “Perspective…

  1. Dakotapam says:

    It was great meeting you as well! I can’t wait to get to know you better!

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