Arrival: Dakota Grown Local Foods Conference, 2012

I have this little voice in my head, a frog-voice, to be specific. “Hi-ho, Kermit *thee* Frog here, reporting live from the Dakota Grown Local Foods Conference in Fargo, ND.” Okay, so I’m not a frog, and I’m not wearing an adorable trench-coat – but I will have to say, “Being Green” is looking good.

Green, as in – growing things. Fruits, veggies, flowers. Green as in – the buzzword on urban and rural lips alike, telling us how we can grow smarter, share more, benefit people and the planet. Green, as in – a movement toward a sustainable, local foods future!

*I have arrived at the conference, and am indebted to all those who helped me get here today – from my kids who put up with my last minute packing frenzy, to my husband who took a half-day, to my family who’s helping with childcare — and, of course, to the USDA program that is putting all this on, and Katie Pinke, USDA staff member,  who invited me to share my thoughts from the perspective of a hobby gardener who loves to buy local, and a wife and mom who wants to do what’s best for her family.

Stay tuned for multiple posts over the next exciting 24 hours! I’ll provide some basic notes and thoughts, pictures, and then over the next weeks, will unpack this experience, interspersing my own thoughts and projects – and I look forward to your feedback, those of you playing along at home –

Green is good. It is great to be here.

* the above should be intoned, if at all possible, with either a Southern, think Scarlett O’Hara accent, or, alternately, a British queenly statement. The choice is yours. Choose well. What voice is in your head today?

Comments are appreciated, and help us all learn more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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